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The Woodford County Health Department is seeking collaborators to assist with the development of a Youth Council in Woodford county.   This is a priority for us because:

  • We value the fresh perspective that youth provide,

  • Public health decisions will be more effective if our youth are more involved in decisions that impact them

  • Our youth are more likely to establish healthy habits if they help decide how to best to incorporate them into their schedules and their budgets

  • The most effective strategies for substance use prevention are informed by the people the strategies aim to help.  We need our youth to help us develop strategies and messaging that will resonate with youth.

  • We know the people best equipped to communicate with youth ARE YOUTH.


Currently, there are a number of public/private partnerships as well as ecumenical groups who are overseeing youth councils in Kentucky.   If you have experience or knowledge that you would like to contribute to the establishment of a Youth Council in Woodford County, please contact us.  

The outreach of the Youth Council will reflect current Public Health efforts to diminish disparity and improve equity.  In the absence of bylaws (which will be drafted by Youth Council members), current guidelines provide a starting point::

  • The council will be led by youth.

  • Meeting times and agendas will be set by youth.

  • Stakeholders will provide budgetary and legal oversight.

  • Stakeholders and  Youth Council  member will undergo age-appropriate  training to ensure that all Youth Council activities reflect best practices for positive youth development.

  • Stakeholders and Youth Council  members will work to remove barriers that would otherwise prevent underserved youth from participating in and benefitting from the work of the Youth Council.

Trauma Informed Care

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