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Our Mission

disease, chronic illness, and injury.

We monitor  more than 120 infectious diseases and use every resource we have at our disposal to mitigate the risk of transmission.  We also strive to utilize best practices and evidence-based strategies to provide health education to reduce the risk of recreational, occuptional, or environmental injury in Woodford County. 

healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Health education is central to each of the essential services we offer, and we strive to ensure that every member of our community has the information and resources they need to make healthy choices.  Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like for us to provide onsite health education to your group. 

Knowledge is power!

the health and
well-being of ALL people.

We are determined to make sure every member of our community is protected from disease, injury, and environmental risks.  While prevention is our focus, we maintain a database of healthcare resources in central Kentucky that provide diagnostic and treatment services that address physiical and mental health needs.

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