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We like data that is 
fresh & local.

Global, national, state, and local public health agencies assess social determinants of health to gain a deeper understanding of health disparity and to expand outreach to communities experiencing disproportionate rates of illness, substance use disorder, injury,  occupational or environmental risks, or late-stage diagnosis of preventable disease.  Social and environmental factors such as poverty, low educational attainment, unemployment, ineligibility for health insurance, language barriers, transportation barriers,  and unstable housing directly impact health outcomes. For this reason,  it is important for us to learn as much as we can about our community, so that we can address the ways social and environmental factors influence health outcomes here in Woodford County. 

Social Determinants of Health in Woodford County
Woodford County Demographic Factors (3).png
Poverty in Woodford County


Poverty Rate
among all ages
in Woodford


Severe housing
burden in


Single Parent Households 
in Woodford County


Poverty Rate among all ages in
Versailles, KY
1 in 10 children in Woodford County live in poverty.
Median Income

We are targeting outreach efforts to census tracts with the lowest median incomes.

United States Census Bureau Economic Characteristics, 2021 (2).png
 Individuals employed in Woodford County
Jobs in education, healthcare, or
social services
weekly wage in Woodford County
Unemployment Rate
in Woodford County

Number of farms:

Number of farm workers:

Number of foreign-born workers:

Number of H2A workers:

Percent uninsured:

Percent with a 9th grade education or less:

Percent with chronic illness:

Percent with untreated disease:

Percent with up-to-date immunizations:










of immigrant

agricultural workers

are uninsured


Occupational Risk

We do not currently have county-level data for occupational injuries and deaths,  so it is useful to review national and state-level data.    In  2021, workers in the agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting industry experienced fatal injury rates almost 7 times higher than workers in other U.S. industries. 


deaths per 100,000 full-time workers in agriculture, forestry, fishing, etc


deaths per 100,000 full-time  workers in all other U.S. industries.

Transportation incidents were the highest cause of fatalities among Black and Hispanic workers.  The second highest cause of fatalities for Hispanic workers was falls, slips, or trips . 

Life Expectancy & Mortality
Woodford County Demographic Factors (4).png

Life expectancy in Woodford County is 78 years, significantly higher than life expectancy for Kentucky, which is 75 years.

Together We Are Better

 At the Woodford County Health Department, we collaborate with national, state, and local partners  to use quantitative health and demographic data to identify disparity.  But the numbers do not tell the whole story.    The most qualified resource we have for informing our strategies and public health initiatives is YOU.  


Instead of numbers, graphs, and charts, qualitative data is expressed through words, pictures, opinions, insights, attitudes, feelings, and experiences.  Every encounter we have with patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, city and county planners, EMS workers, family members, and advocates, help us identify strengths and weaknesses of the local health system.  Hearing from you helps us identify root causes of inequities, behavioral patterns, and commonalities among underserved populations.  When we leverage our shared interests,  knowledge, and lived experiences to achieve our goals,  we can more effectively utilize local resources to maximize outreach in our community.  


Together,  we can  prevent illness,  promote healthy habits, and  protect you and the people you love from illness and injury.


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